Our Best Programs

Afro Local

Afro Magic sets a red carpet for the African legends who have dedicated their whole life careers creating Africa and African tunes and birthed genres like Sokouss, Rhumba, Zouk Etc. It engages on technology news and sports updates. read more

The Playlist

They say you can tell a lot from a person by their playlist. Well, I guess Times is opening a humongous window into stars private lives. This is a one hour show and its playlist is made by the local superstars and celebrities read more

Music Mix

Music Mix is a show tailored for insomniacs, late night workers and college intellects. When you are about your business like a late night chips kuku kiosk, cigarette stand one needs to hear less talk and more music. read more

DIRA YETU-10:00-12:00PM
Dira Yetu is a special program on 100.5 Times FM Radio. It explores the prospects of democracy by looking at the role of the citizens and leaders, well –wishers, local and regional leaders and the international community.It is produced by a special desk at the station with a Chief Editor, Zourha Malisa and her team, to evaluate documents that matters to the public. It covers on issues of reconciliation within communities as well.
Host: Editorial team


Pillow Talk is a kill switch to a listener’s long day. It vows to tuck in the listener in the language of soothing jams, orchestra and RnB.Hosted by Amani Misana and Zoushan, the show has intense discussions about family, romance, affection, sex, adventures of looking for love, tragedies of falling out of love and the wars to stay in love, keep listeners awake a bit beyond their curfew. This show tend to lose interest of children only but the rest of the age group from adolescent an