Our Best Programs


MamboMseto is the first fresh, lifestyle and humanity morning drive show.It is guaranteed to get people looking forward to their morning drive to work or university where they can listen to the best selection of Tanzanian, African & International hits mixed with topical issues handled the coolest way.

The show kicks off at 6am with good music selection allowing the listeners to start their day the freshest and smoothest way.

The mic opens with Maktaba segment – which takes us through our library, focusing on historical dates.

Around 6:15am, we look into life in the Daladala bus with our segment called Msafiri. Sports is not left behind, during the first hour of the show, Nje ya Box, ventures into sports updates of last night’s games and other sporting issues nationally and internationally. Finally in the first hour, ends with our listene getting guidance and direction on best way to manage their finances at a family level with our segment called Mshiko.

The second hour continues after a 10 minutes news bulleting. This hour is specifically for lifestyle, our presenters with the help of experts, talk on natural health, nutrition, exercising. Kituo cha Afya, is set to inspire individuals have a healthy lifestyle but Chakula cha Ubongo, finalizes the second hour with educating the individuals on psychological matters that we come across in our day to day lives.

Our final hour, Homa ya Jiji is focused on educating the society, on society issues such as women battering, sexual harassment, cultures, rituals etc. With the help of experts in the field, the hour is dedicated on up bringing the society to respect, love and honor one another.
The program is casted with a blend of four presenters for the program, a comedian, a mother, a newlywed man and a father of two.
The show also has fun with daily competitions that consist of quizzes on various funny and entertaining topics while the interaction is through phone calls, SMS and social media.
Hosts: Stanlaus, Joyce, Kondo and Muhogo Mchungu


CAMPUS VYBEZ-08:00-10:00PM

Entertainment show for campus students!

Host by the vibrant hosts, Jonijoo and Idriss Kitaa, the show gears to entertain students in colleges, university and other education institution’s.With segments such as sanuka, six packs, Boys-Babes-Toys (BBT), za leo leo accompanied with good mixing from Dj Poison, students are assured to have fun and informed for two hours.

Host: Jonijoo, Idrisaa Kitaa and Dj Poison.

Every Sunday, the news team compiles all the news that made headlines throughout the week. We understand your busy schedule, and that is why we offer you a chance to listen to highlights of major stories that defined the week. While you keep on listening to these major stories we also offer you a cool and calm Dj session to accompany you.
Host: Idrissa Kitaa



Other programs

Afro Local

Afro Magic sets a red carpet for the African legends who have dedicated their whole life careers creating Africa and African tunes and birthed genres like Sokouss, Rhumba, Zouk Etc. It engages on technology news and sports updates. read more

The Playlist

They say you can tell a lot from a person by their playlist. Well, I guess Times is opening a humongous window into stars private lives. This is a one hour show and its playlist is made by the local superstars and celebrities read more

Music Mix

Music Mix is a show tailored for insomniacs, late night workers and college intellects. When you are about your business like a late night chips kuku kiosk, cigarette stand one needs to hear less talk and more music. read more

DIRA YETU-10:00-12:00PM
Dira Yetu is a special program on 100.5 Times FM Radio. It explores the prospects of democracy by looking at the role of the citizens and leaders, well –wishers, local and regional leaders and the international community.

It is produced by a special desk at the station with a Chief Editor, Zourha Malisa and her team, to evaluate documents that matters to the public. It covers on issues of reconciliation within communities as well.
Host: Editorial team


Pillow Talk is a kill switch to a listener’s long day. It vows to tuck in the listener in the language of soothing jams, orchestra and RnB.
Hosted by Amani Misana and Zoushan, the show has intense discussions about family, romance, affection, sex, adventures of looking for love, tragedies of falling out of love and the wars to stay in love, keep listeners awake a bit beyond their curfew. This show tend to lose interest of children only but the rest of the age group from adolescent and curious youths, serious in relationship with marriage expectations, married couples, mistresses, confused widows each and every human with a possibility of having an affection to another meet here.

Hosts: Amani Misana and Zoushan


THE CHART-02:00PM-04:00PM
This is a chart show that plays all the hot songs from Tanzania, Africa and the rest of the world. The chart is compiled from the live requests, airplays and special vote from listeners through sms and social networks (facebook, twitter) on opinions of which songs should climb the chart and which ones should drop. The playlist is amazing and very non-discriminatory due to listeners’ choices.

Host: Julian


Bongo Dot Home

Bongo Dot Home is a magazine that entails the bongo flava culture. The magazine publishes the latest news, events, gossip and new trends that sorounds the Bongo Flava culture. read more


Request Zone

The Tanzania film industry has grown very fast for the past 5 years and the efforts are well apreciated and recognised from the bulk of dvd sells. Here is a a radio show that brings the movie to your more


Raggae Root

This is a self explanatory show, for reggae fans. Couple of years ago it would have atracted only a handfull of audience who were fans of roots reggae,Rocksteady and Ska. But lately reggae music has been growing on people. read more


Campus Vibes

The Jump Off is a Hip Hop n RnB oriented program well known across the nation to posses an eye for talent and breaking in new artists and setting trends for the rest. It is designed to attract an Urban hemisphere in youth’s more


Wizara ya Michezo

Wizara ya Michezo brings news related to local and international sports. It has a unimaginable great number of listeners of sports from football, netball, boxing, etc. read more