DJ Jors Bless


Dj Jors bless

A little bit about Dj Jors bless

IMG_2855Where were you born?
How you got into being a DJ/producer
When I was in secondary school few of my friends and I had love for music, we even had Rap sessions during break where my role was to play drums using the desks, after sometime my father bought me a computer and that’s when it all began… and the rest is history.

Your biggest influence(s)
As a DJ and a producer, It would be my brothers who used to listen to music so much to drive me to understand it, I’m also a big fan of Swizz beats, Dr. Dre, jermain Dupri, Diplo , Dj Snake and Dj Premier .

Biggest achievements
– Doing remixes of Tanzanian acts into my own flavor.
– Being one of the leaders of the remix trend.DJ JorsBless
– Performing at different concerts
– Starting my label (Sababisha Records).
– Working with people that you idolised as a kid.

What’s your dream gig or collaboration?
Sometimes living out that one dream spoils the dream.

Interests / hobbies outside music
Unfortunately my life revolves around music but I do enjoy swimming, Reading books (mostly about music) and watching documentaries and movies.

Three rules you live your life by
1. Be as honest as possible.
2. Know your limitations.
3. Always remember those who have had your back.

What’s your weakness?
I love music so much.




  1. I can’t stand reading time-consuming posts, simply because i
    have got some dislexia, but i actually enjoyed
    this piece

  2. kontawa ze don

    i appreciate you broda

  3. bonifacw mnanka

    mko vizur chiku k ni noma

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