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TimesFm Ltd

Plot 625/626 Mzimuni St, Kawe Beach,,
P. O Box 60422 Dar es Salaam Tanzania.
Telephone: +255 22 261 8077

Our programs

+Hatua Tatu
This is a 3 hour show that plays semi-energetic African music while a soft conversation builds up. The show includes professional experts, artists & celebrities, who share their thoughts and experiences inspiring youths to a better …
Maskani is a three hours cradle therapy that guarantees a listener an adjustment of the work related stresses acquired in daytime. Updates a listener on what went on during the working hours by engaging discussions on hot topics of the day.
+Mwambao Asilia
This show is for Taarab music but not this current which is more matured, developed and fussed, but the original roots Taarab from the coast of Tanzania. The show hails the legends of Taarab Music while the roots Taarab is on the Playlist.
+Mitikisiko ya Kipwani
Mitikisiko ya Pwani is a 3D view of the local community, which makes it the most listened afternoon show around Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar and Coast regions. The playlist is Modern Taarab, a genre that is a fusion of rhythms of African coast.
+Kilimo na Vijana
This is a show that details the importance and the rationale of agriculture in Tanzania. This show was built to shape the next generation to diversity environment which chips in agriciluture as path to success and a way to life.
+DanceHall Africa
Dancehall is Jamaican precursor to Hip Hop, based much on a deejay sense of direction of the music. It is part of fussed reggae with prominent basslines and the inclussion of rythim strings and pianos.
+Mtazamo wa Wiki
This is a show that opens facets of the week’s view. It caries all the leading events in the whole week in Tanzania, Africa and International as well.

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